“I could’ve been a god once.”


After the fall of the Old World, all that remained was a wasteland skirted by the last of the remaining tribes and tales of a war that had filtered down through each generation. But as the stories were being forgotten, the desert began to spread, threatening the extinction of mankind.

With only three days left to summon the gods, The Ancients, and discover what they once warred over, The Watcher called upon a group of five from beyond the Borderlands, in the hope of rewriting the lore and creating a new world.

But the wasteland was unpredictable, and as old gods stirred, so did old grudges.


On a highway in the middle of the desert, Daniel finds himself with nothing but the suit he’s wearing, a strange artefact and the promise of desires granted.

When – in what appears to be a chance meeting with an old wanderer and his cart full of records – he learns the story of how five were chosen to write the stories of the new world, and stop the spread of the Wasteland.

And in doing so, discovers how one man created a tear in the world that not only changed his own path, but the fate of humanity.


Loop is a surreal little dash through the desert, with a touch of the psychedelic, a little bit of music, and a race against time.

The world is a vinyl record you know.”



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