Hiding Becomes A Way of Life – Fish In A Barrel Snippet

Small very rough and unedited piece from my upcoming dark ‘urban legend’ novel – Fish In A Barrel.


She thinks back on the day she was taken from her home. The day her father was murdered on the open plains of the desert. For her and her sister, that day had turned out to be a matter of life and death.

Their lives because of his death.

It was that same night, when they were grabbed from their beds and held down like she was now, that she knew that they’d spend their life running. That they’d be hunted.

Yet it wasn’t until months later, travelling to lands she never heard of, had she found out exactly who she was. Who her sister was. And who their father was. A man they’d never actually met. Apparently.

She could only remember her mother by the sad, brown eyes and scent of amber perfume. But when your father is who he is, or who he was, and your mother was just a body he took for his own desires, a woman who had gone rogue, then hiding becomes a way of life.

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