Trapped gods. A murderous Order.

And a wasteland notorious for hoarding ghosts.

Left abandoned after a ritual to summon the Old Gods and save the fate of the remaining world is destroyed by a lightning storm, Elaia finds herself in the middle of the desert with little hope of finding her way home let alone saving mankind from extinction.

With only three days before all is lost – if it isn’t already – Elaia discovers the Red City within a wasteland thought to be uninhabitable, but known to be volatile.

While walking the deserted streets of the Red City, Elaia witnesses the savage murder of four women – including the goddess she was meant to summon – being played out on a time loop and comes face to face with those responsible.

The Order of The White.

Narrowly fleeing their wrath through a strange door to another world, Elaia soon finds herself in a race to find her way back home before a tortured goddess can turn her into a vessel for the nightmares that now plague her.

All before the world she knows is lost.

But how do you get home when you don’t know where it is?

And how do you escape the nightmares when they’re banging at the door to your mind?


Elaia is the second book in the Loop series.