“I may not have eyes, but you are the ones who are blind. Death already walks amongst you.”


When Scarlet seeks solace after a classmate goes missing, she discovers the town’s most notorious urban legend is more than just a story, and that messing with death and magic can lead to losing one’s mind.


It was on the edge of the desert, beside the small and troubled town of Ashwood, that the strangers appeared as if out of nowhere, seeking sanctuary from a war torn land.

Using rare gifts to barter with, they came in search of a mysterious carnival, in the hope that they’d find the man with whom they owed a debt.

But when sinister deals are made, and men do things that may just destroy them all, the town falls into a dark slumber, unable to cope when one of their own is found dead and the prophecies of a Blind Oracle become a reality.

Except the monster within never sleeps for long.

And now, in a discarded and cursed carnival, the madness has surfaced, turning the still grieving town into a playground for the dead.


What if, in the end, the imagination is all we have?