A girl wakes up in a car with a strange man and a hangover…


Emma is the kind of girl who has the devil inside. Jack is the kind of guy who just wants to escape into a bottle or between the legs of an easy woman.

But Jack has a job to do. He needs to drop this new girl off. Deliver her to a man he once made an unbreakable deal with. A deal that may haunt him forever.

It should have been easy enough. After all, this wasn’t his first time.

So why did this feel like a one way ticket to hell?


It’s not unusual for Emma to wake up in strange places. To get herself in, and out of, trouble. But that sick feeling in her stomach told her she may not be able to get herself out of this one.

Still, Emma has never been one to back away from a fight. Even if it’s a fight she can’t win.

If only she could remember exactly how she got here in the first place. If only she could remember what happened the night before.

If only she knew where the hell he was taking her.


And then he ordered the shots.


Not the good stuff that warms you like a slow, full body orgasm, but the cheap and nasty, rot-you-before-it-drops-you shit.

The kind that will either leave you peeling your face off the bathroom floor or waking up in some stranger’s car.

A story that is not as it seems.